1oz Newt Juice
One time use, just in case! Great sample size. Assorted colors

4 oz Jr. Juice
Don't be caught without your lube. Perfect for the Cable Parks and Kite Boarding.
8 oz Newt Juice
Available in both disc and spray top.
Assorted colors
16 oz Newt Juice
Available in disc cap only.
Assorted colors
32 oz Newt Juice
Available in disc cap only. Use to refill smaller sizes.
Assorted colors
Half Gallon Newt Juice
Great for refills, accepts the 4’ and 8’ sprayer hoses that work on the gallons.
Assorted colors
One Gallon Newt Juice
Save money and buy in bulk, use to refill your 4 oz, 8 oz or 16 oz bottles.
Assorted colors
5 Gallon Newt Juice
Designed for the heavy user. Keep this baby on the dock to refill your smaller Newt Juice bottles.
Spout sold separately.
Assorted colors

Newt Shooter - New for 2004!
Mounts in storage compartment under your back hatch! Comes with 72 oz Newt Jug & mount, two 32 oz bottles of Newt Juice, 8' hose with sprayer and all mounting hardware. More...

Newt Sac
Two sizes, includes 8 oz or 16 oz Newt Juice. Attaches to the horizontal rail or the back platform. Also velcros to a 2 1/2-3” pylon. Strap it to your tower. Suction cup for extra adhesion! Never lose your lube again!

Jacket Juice - New for 2004!
Includes 4oz Jr. Juice. Made to attach up to a 2" life jacket strap. Don't be caught without a squirt!

Got Juice Keychain
Call it key insurance. Hook it on your keys so they don't end up at the bottom of the drink.

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