Why Choose Newt Juice over the competition? That's an easy answer, because Newt Juice is Superior to Competitive Products! Newt Juice beats the competition in every area.

Maximum Lubrication
The lubricating properties of Newt Juice are unsurpassed. A few squirts or sprays and a rider's feet will slide easily into the bindings.

Maximum Adhesion
Newt Juice is thicker and not runny like other products, so more of it stays where you spray or squirt it. Newt Juice remains on the binding long enough to get into the boot and get adjusted properly, but also dissipates quickly when immersed in water so bindings keep the desired fit and do not slip

Spray and Squirt Bottles
Some riders prefer spraying and some prefer squirting, well you're in luck, Newt Juice gives you both! The spray bottle has a special nozzle to spray the thick slime. The squirt cap is a "disk cap" which is much easier to open and close with ski gloves on than a "flip cap."

Newt Juice is Environmentally Friendly and Nontoxic
Use Newt Juice to help preserve our skiing environment by getting soaps, glycerin and baby oil out of ski boats

Cool Colors & Fresh Scents
Newt Juice comes in a variety of cool colors including, blue, clear, teal and lavender. Newt juice also offers some great scents like Mango.

Clear Bottle
Newt Juice comes in clear bottles to show off the cool colors inside. We have also discovered through extensive consumer testing that clear bottles show off the pretty colors, pretty colors make people happy, therefore Newt Juice makes people happy. So try Newt Juice, it will make you happy!

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